We pursue the utopia of making theater relevant to society
Sasho Ognenovski, “Nova Makedonija”, June 14th 2023

How the idea for Theater festival POLIS has been born?

POLIS was born in 2018 as a small project for the territory in which we ErosAntEros, after almost 10 years of activity as a contemporary theatre company, wanted to share with the spectators of Ravenna the theatrical forms that we ourselves were researching as artists. That is, contemporary performance forms that investigate engaged topics, which we believe are important to share with people, to reflect on the society in which we live through the privileged prism of theatrical art and, we hope, leave the theatre with the desire to change it for the better.

A theatrical art that is close to the reality in which we live and therefore to people, also through a series of participatory and educational projects, audience engagement and development, which since the first edition have brought theatre closer to the young and all those people who for economic or social reasons have not yet set foot in it.