Since 2023, POLIS Teatro Festival collaborates with libraries, bookstores and publishers to offer a broader and more in-depth look at the topics covered by the festival.

  • The Biblioteca di Storia Contemporanea Alfredo Oriani (via Corrado Ricci, 26, 48121 Ravenna) displayed at its venue a showcase dedicated to POLIS Teatro Festival 2023 and its BALKAN FOCUS, carefully selecting the bibliography to offer to its visitors.

    The complete bibliography is available here:

  • The Biblioteca Classense (Via Alfredo Baccarini, 3, 48121 Ravenna) has prepared a showcase of titles related to the BALKAN FOCUS of POLIS 2023 at its headquarters.

  • On May 5-6, for the replicas of Sworn Virgin / Burrnesha by Jeton Neziraj at Artificerie Almagià, will be present the publishing house Editoria&Spettacolo, one of the most important theatrical publishing house in Italy, who curated the italian book Il volo sopra il teatro del Kosovo. 5 Plays by the kosovar author. And also the last two books by ErosAntEros: Quale teatro per il domani? and Confini.

  • On May 5-6-7, at Teatro Rasi, will be present the libreria Mondadori (via Corrado Ricci, 16, 48121 Ravenna) with a selection of titles connected to the festival’s themes and, in particular, the graphic novel LIBYA by Francesca Mannocchi and Gianluca Costantini, from which is based the performance by ErosAntEros (May 5 at 8 pm).