Since 2023, POLIS Teatro Festival collaborates with libraries, bookstores and publishers to offer a broader and more in-depth look at the topics covered by the festival.

In 2024 the collaboration continues:

  • The Biblioteca di Storia Contemporanea Alfredo Oriani (via Corrado Ricci, 26, 48121 Ravenna) displays at its venue a showcase dedicated to POLIS Teatro Festival 2024 and its German Focus, carefully selecting the bibliography to offer to its visitors.

    It also provides a desk with book lending option during the following POLIS 2024 dates: on April 24th, from 6 pm, at the meeting in Sala Corelli of Teatro Alighieri and on May 8th, from 9 am at Teatro Rasi, at the matinée for schools of On the difficulty of telling the truth.

  • The Biblioteca Classense (Via Alfredo Baccarini, 3, 48121 Ravenna) displays a showcase of titles related to the German Focus of POLIS 2024 at its headquarters. And it gives space during its reading groups for some APERI-POLIS.