Two cruel and poetic stories about women who make brave choices. Two interwoven stories that involve the audience in an imaginary trip to Puglia and Albania in an undefined past.

We speak about ancient traditions but everyone can recognize something very actual in this strange world we represent. We approach masculine and feminine as mysteries and, even if we speak about historical traditions, we mainly speak about an intimate dimension.

actor and author Gabriele Genovese
director and set designer Elisabetta Carosio
production Compagnia Lumen. Progetti, arti, teatro

duration 50′

Compagnia Lumen. Progetti, arti, teatro is a theatre company based in Milan. We’ve been working together since 2014 and we produced many performances by contemporary author as Dayshift and Taxi Light Vigil by Darren Donohue, Falafel Express and Samir by Roberto Scarpetti. Gabriele Genovese, actor and founder of the company, is also a story teller and he his the author of the trilogy of play the we named: Trilogia del Sud Fantastico. Brevi giorni e lunghe notti. Storie di straccioni, di porci e di re, Sospiri. Un amore di contrabbando, Come la roccia, l’acqua, la neve are part of this Trilogy. The company received many awards for the productions and during 2018-2020 participated to the project Funder35 in order to became more structured. In 2022 Lumen organized his first Theatre Festival: Salta’ I foss.