A son, Luigi, obsessed with death in a negative way, tells book and film endings to people who are at the end of their existence.
A father, an emotional pacifist, makes a living by decorating bathroom fixtures for bloodthirsty dictators.
A mother, a chronic ironizer, seeks happiness in horror books.
Their days are a succession of reassuring habits, small regrets, postponed dreams, sought-after traumas, and lightly seasoned salads.
They would like to hate each other, not much, just enough to be considered normal, but it is difficult to hate each other for those who have never managed to say “I love you” to each other.
The three live in a state of tranquility and peace that is destroying them.
An existence based on the unsaid, on the undone, on not being enough, on not knowing oneself, on failure. Luigi is unable to find a girlfriend, to leave home and above all to quarrel with his parents, because they don’t give him the chance, they don’t oppose him, they don’t order him to do and not to do, so Luigi in his life has never accomplished anything.
Dad can’t tell his son and mom that he lost his job.
Because a father is nothing without his work and this being nothing terrifies him.
For the sake of his family he spent his life trying not to be angry, not to be mean, not to be worried, now he would like to be, be someone, maybe better someone else.
The mother is no longer able to make her father and son listen to her, her unsolicited advice increasingly resembles cliches. It has many monsters to fight but focuses on the end-level bosses of video games.
Then one day, war comes.
“My son has no big problems. His only fault is the one that all children have: being born. But who was not born at least once in a lifetime”.

by and with Marco Ceccotti
with Giordano Domenico Agrusta, Luca Di Capua, Simona Oppedisano
supervised by Lucia Calamaro and Graziano Graziani
light Camila Chiozza
Stefania Pisano
Claudia Pajewski

Teatro di Roma
with the help of
Consorzio Altre Produzioni Indipendenti | Carrozzerie n.o.t | Teatro San Carlino | Fortezza Est

duration 70′

Marco Ceccotti author, actor, comedian, puppeteer. Born in Narni (TR). Class of ’85. Graduated from DAMS in Rome and from the Stabile dell’Umbria Theater University Center. Author of texts for both adults and children, he collaborates with various authors and actors writing contents for the web, for advertisement (among others Ministry of Education, Superior Health Council, WWF, ENAV), for podcasts (Treccani), for television (La7 and Rai3) and radio (610 on RaiRadio2). Since 2009 he’s been working at the San Carlino – Teatro Stabile di Burattini in Rome that allowed him to perform almost everywhere, from theaters to schools up to the International Puppet Festival in Nashville and the New York Italian Museum, passing through the Rebibbia prison and the houses of very rich people. In 2012 he founded Nano Egidio, a collective of three people who experiment with various comic languages by mixing elements of puppetry and acting, humor and tragedy. With Nano Egidio he has been a guest in many theaters of the Italian off circuit and important festivals and seasons such as Castel dei Mondi in Andria, Arti Vive Festival in Soliera, Glass Theaters, Strabismi and Teatro di Roma. In 2016 the collective was included in the anthological volume Creative Lazio – 100 stories of creative realities in Lazio. He is one of the founders of Sgombro, the variety show of the Nuovo Cinema Palazzo that brings together a new generation of Roman performers, authors and comedians. In 2019 he was included by the Teatro di Roma among the Six New Voices of Italian Dramaturgy within the Writing Project conducted by Lucia Calamaro and Graziano Graziani. In 2021, together with Simona Oppedisano and Francesco Picciotti, he created and wrote two educational podcasts for schools produced by Laudes and the Treccani Foundation.