“There is no alternative,” Margaret Thatcher was fond of repeating, referring, of course, to capitalism. We who are in our 30s today were never even told this, so obvious was it. Our life’s journey within capitalism sometimes seems like the crossing of a wasteland that gradually loses sap and color. Sometimes we do not sleep at night, clutched to our hearts and heads by a strange anxiety that we cannot tell, filled with vague and frightening questions. Perhaps it is the terror that even the last sparks of non-identical that lie within and without us will go out. As always, the answer is outside the walls of home, outside, in a walk. Perhaps by walking we can grasp what, inside capitalism, is still not identical, retains its own autonomous force, a kind of subtle magic that comes from afar and even farther leads.

by and with Nicola Borghesi and Lodovico Guenzi production Kepler-452

duration 60 min

Kepler-452 was founded in 2015 in Bologna to give life to a theatrical research characterized by a strong interest in the relationship between theater and reality, in the “outside”, in what exists beyond the theater: starting from processes of exploration of places and people, Kepler-452 is concerned with constructing plays capable of returning the encounters occurred in reality, sometimes directly involving people on stage as the protagonists of their lives, opening the stage to the entrance of those who usually do not enter the scene.